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About Dr. Donna M. Romeo

Dr. Donna Maria Romeo is founder and principal of Romeo Anthropological Consulting LLC.  She's a business anthropologist and customer experience expert with a PhD in applied anthropology. For over 25 years, she has been helping global firms, both B2B and B2C across a wide range of industries, see the world of the customer through fresh eyes. Her work has contributed to innovations and improvements in service design & staff development, customer experience, marketing, and product development.

Since 1999, Donna’s been training and leading global cross-functional corporate teams “into the field” on customer immersions with the expressed goal of obtaining a deeper understanding of the culture of the customer by walking in their shoes.

While working client-side as staff anthropologist at Pepsico, JCP, and Whirlpool, Donna honed her ability to educate and inspire corporate teams to better understand the customer and translate deep ethnographic insights into concrete business action.