PASSPORT TO DISCOVERY Workshops: A Three Step Experience

Each RAC workshop is uniquely customized to meet the specific corporate culture and business needs of our clients. Our Cultural Immersions and Customer Odysseys have three distinct steps:

  1. “Passport Essentials”: Teams learn core anthropological concepts and ethnographic field methods, including observational research, participant-observation, the ethnographic interview, and material culture study. 
  2. “Voyager” Hands-On Field Immersion: Teams are brought out “to the field” to observe and interact with customers roaming free in their natural settings. 
  3. “Basecamp” Brainstorm and Ideation: Teams practice core ethnographic and design thinking techniques to translate field data, identify opportunities and brainstorm solutions.

Through our three-step approach, workshop participants return to the office empowered with new ideas and fresh eyes to reach new customers and improve the overall customer experience of current customers. 



Cultural Immersion


During our 1.5-day Cultural Immersion™, teams are immersed in specific cultural contexts where people live, work, play, socialize, or shop, for better understanding of the customer. 

Cultural Odyssey


Our 3-day Customer Odyssey™ workshop includes the training content and team exercises of our Cultural Immersion plus 1.5 extra days.

Rapid Immersion + Odyssey


Our 2-day Rapid Immersion + Odyssey session combines key elements from both Cultural Immersion + Customer Odyssey within a condensed format.

Changing Mindsets


During our 1/2 day workshop, teams practice concepts and methods to better understand the customer experience. Participants learn about culture, worldview, context, empathy, the native point of view, improved listening, interviewing, note taking, and observational skills. 

Think Like a Child


 Our 2-hour workshop offers an overview of key concepts combined with  team exercises focusing on the critical importance of maintaining a childlike curiosity about the world, holding our assumptions at bay, and asking the right questions .

Your Bottom Line

Our immersion workshops provide organizations a passport to discover the culture of the customer for a stronger connection, increased customer focus, and improved service design. Our workshops provide the tools and techniques you need to: 

 - Transform the way your company connects with the customer & discover opportunities for innovation and growth

 - Ignite passion & new thinking throughout your organization about your brand, product, service offerings. and staff development

 - See the world of the customer with fresh eyes through the time tested RAC “stop, look, and listen” approach

 - Walk in the shoes of others for greater empathy and deeper understanding, and an improved customer journey

 - Practice best in class brainstorming & ideation techniques to translate learnings into concrete business action