With over 25 years experience conducting global ethnographic research projects for Fortune 500 clients, let RAC craft a custom research solution to meet your needs.

RAC has extensive industry expertise across a wide array of product and service categories, including: omni-channel retail, fashion, apparel and fine jewelry, consumer packaged goods, grocery, beauty, sales and customer service, home goods, major appliances, gaming, entertainment, health and wellness, sustainability, and insurance.

Our ethnographic research helps clients gain a deep, context-based understanding of the lifestyle, wants, and unmet needs of the customer. This understanding enables our clients to develop innovation and marketing solutions that are timely, relevant, and culturally appropriate.




- Observational Research
- User Experience Evaluation
- Material Culture Study
- Event & Task Analysis
- Day-in-the-Life
- The Customer Journey
- Customer-Generated Content (Diary, Collage, Video)
- Contextual Inquiry / In Situ Study
- Participant Observation
- In-Depth Interviews
- Cultural Analysis
- Guided Tours & Re-enactments